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Strengthening Families on the Disability Journey

At CaringTide, we provide a comprehensive suite of services aimed to support, educate, and empower families, caregivers, and individuals navigating the complexities of disabilities. From personalized consultations to community-building workshops, each offering is tailored to foster understanding, growth, and resilience.

Our Approach

CaringTide combines personal experience with professional expertise.  Legal Professionals, Certified Financial Planners, Tax Specialists, and Chartered Special Needs Consultants come together to assure your family receives professional guidance and direction that is customized to your unique needs.  Our CaringTide Coaches are passionate advocates for the disability community and brings personal insight and empathy, making our approach both comprehensive and compassionate. 

Discover and Assess

We begin by understanding each family’s unique situation through a comprehensive assessment, identifying their needs, challenges, and goals.

Plan and Educate

We develop a personalized action plan for each family, incorporating educational resources and workshops to empower them with knowledge and skills.

Implement and Support

Families are guided in implementing their plans with ongoing support, including access to specialized services, tools, and a community of peers.

Evaluate and Celebrate

We regularly review progress with families, adjusting plans as needed, and celebrating every achievement along the journey from surviving to thriving.

Empowering Your Journey Together

CaringTide is dedicated to providing the tools, knowledge, and community necessary to support your family’s journey. Our integrated services and programs are designed to address the multifaceted needs of the disability community, ensuring no one walks their path alone.

Explore our offerings to discover how we can support you and your loved ones through every challenge and triumph. Together, we’ll navigate the journey towards empowerment, inclusion, and fulfillment.

Personalized Consultations

We provide tailored guidance for your unique path.  We’ll dive deep into your specific concerns with one-on-one expert consultations. Whether you’re exploring healthcare options, educational strategies, or future income needs, our personalized approach ensures you receive the support you need.

  • Transition to adult healthcare planning
  • Educational planning support (IEP, 504 Plans, and beyond)
  • Legal and financial planning (Special Needs Trusts, ABLE accounts)
Transition Planning

We’ll help you navigate the journey to adulthood with our transition planning services. From assessing readiness to crafting detailed plans, we guide you through preparing for education, employment, and independent living.

  • Comprehensive transition assessments
  • Personalized transition plan development
  • Support and resources for plan implementation
Educational Workshops & Webinars

Engage with our workshops and webinars designed to empower you through education. Covering critical legal, financial, healthcare, and educational topics, these sessions equip you with knowledge and strategies for effective navigation and advocacy.

  • Live and on-demand educational sessions
  • Access to a rich library of past webinars for continuous learning
  • Interactive expert Q&A sessions
Support Group Facilitation

Connect with others who share your journey. Our support groups offer a space for sharing experiences, advice, and encouragement, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

  • Regularly scheduled support group meetings (virtual and in-person)
  • Moderated online forum for ongoing support
  • Themed discussions to explore specific topics of interest
Advocacy & Awareness Campaigns

Be part of our advocacy efforts to create a more inclusive and understanding world. Through campaigns and community advocacy, we work to promote rights, inclusion, and awareness for individuals with disabilities.

  • Involvement in local and national advocacy initiatives
  • Training for effective self and community advocacy
  • Awareness campaigns to enhance community understanding and inclusion
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