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Your Caregiver Readiness Score



Resource Maximization


Financial & Income Readiness


Legal Readiness


Living Your Potential

What your score means…

A score in this range across the four sections indicates areas where immediate improvement is needed. It suggests a need for stronger support systems, clearer plans for transitioning to adulthood, more validation of your loved one’s progress, and further engagement in inclusive and supportive communities. Immediate actions could include seeking emotional support for yourself, engaging in future planning (such as estate planning and exploring public benefits), celebrating small achievements more frequently, and looking for ways to contribute positively to the community. It’s beneficial to reach out to professionals and support groups that can offer guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Scores in this range show that while you’ve made significant strides in many areas, there’s still room for growth and improvement. This indicates you have some support and plans in place but may need to refine these plans or expand your support network. Consider reevaluating your current strategies for emotional well-being, the transition plans for your loved one, how you validate their progress, and your involvement in community support. Regularly updating your plans to adapt to changing needs and seeking additional resources can enhance your loved one’s independence and quality of life.

Achieving scores in this highest range across all sections signifies a comprehensive approach to caregiving, future planning, celebrating progress, and community engagement. It reflects a strong foundation for your loved one’s well-being and future, acknowledging their achievements, and contributing positively to the community. However, continuous improvement is vital. Keep abreast of new resources, legal changes, and community opportunities. Regularly revisiting and updating your plans ensures they remain relevant and effective as your loved one grows and their needs evolve.

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Here’s what we’ll go over on the call:

  • Personalized Advice: Get personalized advice based on your specific situation, taking into account the results of the assessment. This tailored guidance can help you address your unique needs and challenges.


  • Expertise and Experience: Get expert guidance in areas such as disability resources, financial planning, and legal frameworks to support families impacted by disabilities. Their expertise can offer valuable insights and strategies to navigate complex situations, ensuring you make informed decisions.


  • Emotional Support: Caring for a child with disabilities and planning for the future can be emotionally challenging. A consultant can offer emotional support, empathy, and understanding, creating a supportive environment to discuss concerns and goals.

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